In today’s world, industries are not just seeking solutions; they are searching for sustainable partners who share their values. We believe in driving innovation for a greater purpose. Our journey began with a commitment to introduce sustainable practices within the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) vertical and their stakeholders, aiming to create a positive impact.

What we do

We offer ESG Advisory Services, bringing together the CMO vertical and their stakeholders on our integrated platform. Our aim is to foster collaboration and devise innovative methodologies for measuring both direct and indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Net-Zero Framework

We encourage organizations to assess the emissions resulting from their various marketing activities and collaborate with us to minimize their carbon footprint by leveraging our net-zero framework.

Meet the Founder

A seasoned Marketing and Communications leader with over 30 years of experience, this INSEAD graduate boasts a rich global marketing background. His career has taken him across various markets, including India, APAC, China, the Middle East & Africa, and Eastern Europe, enhancing his cultural adaptability and understanding.


Mohammed Shafeeq
CEO & Founder