Measure Carbon Emissions

For industries, assessment of your carbon footprint is a key measure in gaining insight into your emissions, and identifying the key sources of these emissions, and devising an action plan. Participating in ‘Climate Neutral Now’ empowers you to determine the scopes to include in your carbon footprint, as outlined in our framework.

Globally, we are introducing a standard methodology to collect carbon footprint data and assess the complete life cycle of all your marketing & communication activities not limited to campaigns and digital marketing but also covering events & exhibitions, during the pre-, during-, and post- phases, and beyond marking a significant milestone. 

We aim to achieve impact in three stages. The first stage involves identifying areas that generate Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. The second stage focuses on optimizing how we can reduce these emissions through collaborative efforts. The third stage entails reporting on the actual amount of emissions we produced.

We earnestly delve into the meticulous examination of the nine diverse categories outlined below, aiming to construct a thoughtful framework and cultivate an action plan dedicated to reducing carbon emissions.


Production of materials


Freight and logistics

Food & Beverage

Type of F&B served


To & fro from the destination


Local public transportation


Hotel stay


Electricity & Gasoline consumption


Waste generated & disposal method


Digital marketing, content & communications

Would you like to learn more about these nine categories and discover how you can collaborate with us to precisely pinpoint actions for mitigating carbon footprint? And are you ready to take the next step in reducing your carbon footprint reporting journey?

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